Feeling Good Over 40

Feeling Good Over 40

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Big Hair? - No Problem - Babyliss Big Hair Spinning Brush

Say hello to my little friend........

Babyliss Big Hair Spinning Brush

BaByliss Big Hair Spinning Brush 2885U - Boots I am really bad at blow drying my hair. I start off well, sectioning off the hair, using a big round brush to create volume but by the time I am halfway done, I'm in trouble. The brush has managed to tangle itself so badly into my hair that it needs prising out. My arm aches, I've unblown my blow dry as I can't control the air flow and to be honest by the time I've reached the top section I'M BORED!!

Cue the Babyliss Big Hair.....It makes blow drying a breeze.

It works best on damp hair, which I think is a bonus as I do my make up first. The brush rotates in both directions so you can either curl your hair under or flick it out. It's great for creating volume on the crown and is brilliant for fringes long or short. I had a full fringe about a year ago and used it in the reverse setting to help my hair lie flat (I have a cowlick).  My daughter who has very curly hair also loves it, (she now has her own as she kept stealing mine) she finds it helps to cut down on straightening time.  

There are 2 heat settings and one cool (although the brush doesn't rotate on the cool setting). I tend to use the medium setting to help prevent heat damage. Simply section your hair with a clip turn on the brush and off you go. Tip: Start the brush spinning before you start to work on the required section of hair.

The spinning brush emulates the same sort of technique your hairdresser applies to get volume.  It polishes as it dries so it leaves your hair super shiny and full of volume. Don't worry if your hair isn't long it's also great for creating bouncy bobs if your hair is shorter.

The Finished Result

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  1. Your hair looks so good! I really want to buy one of these! X